Ramdan 2022: Here’re details of fasting hours in different cities across world

Bhubaneswar: Ramdan, the ninth month of the Islamic Hijri calendar, is set to start from April 2. However, the exact date will be on the basis of sighting of the Moon.

The Muslim holy month is marked by long hours of fasting. The devout takes first meal at dawn, called as Sehri, and the evening meal to break the fast is known as Iftar.

During Ramdan, Muslims observe dawn-to-dusk fasting. They don’t even drink water.

Followers of Islam believe during Ramdan, the Allah revealed the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad.

Usually Ramadan spans across 29-30 days and ends with great celebration known as Eid-ul-Fitr.

Barring those who are sick, travelling or have their menstrual cycle or are very old, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan is mandatory for all Muslims.

Ramadan is also called Ramzan, Ramadan Kareem or Ramzan ul Mubarak.

Here are the estimates of the number of fasting hours in cities across the world. Actual duration and times will vary depending on local calculations:

Nuuk (Greenland): 20 hours

Oslo (Norway): 20 hours

Helsinki (Finland): 20 hours

Stockholm (Sweden): 19 hours

Berlin (Germany): 19 hours

Ottawa (Canada): 17 hours

Copenhagen (Denmark): 18.5 hours

Warsaw (Poland): 18.5 hours

London (UK): 18.5 hours

Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan): 18.5 hours

Brussels (Belgium): 18 hours

Zurich (Switzerland): 18 hours

Bucharest (Romania): 17.5 hours

Moscow (Russia): 17 hours

Sofia (Bulgaria): 17 hours

Paris (France): 17 hours

Rome (Italy): 17 hours

Kabul (Afghanistan): 17 hours

Madrid (Spain): 16.5 hours

Lisbon (Portugal): 16.5 hours

Athens (Greece): 16.5 hours

Beijing (China): 16.5 hours

Washington DC (US): 16 hours

Ankara (Turkey): 16.5 hours

Tokyo (Japan): 16 hours

Rabat (Morocco): 16 hours

Islamabad (Pakistan): 16 hours

New Delhi (India): 15 hours

The Muslims follow the lunar calendar based on the phases of the Moon. Hence, the duration of the year as per the lunar calendar is shorter by 11 days as compared to the Gregorian calendar.

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