Randeep Hooda unhappy with Gurgaon’s name change

Mumbai, April 13:

Actor Randeep Hooda is unhappy with the change of name of Gurgaon, Delhi’s rich and industrial suburb in Haryana. The new name Gurugram, he says, is a “blow to the culture, history and the language of Haryana.”

Pic Courtesy: www.indianexpress.com
Pic Courtesy: www.indianexpress.com

The decision to rename Gurgaon was taken by the first BJP government of the state.

Randeep, who hails from Rohtak in Haryana, even asked why was the name changed?

“Changing Gurgaon’s name to Gurugram is a blow to the culture, history and the language of Haryana. Gram is not our word, why was this done GurgaonNameChange,” The “Highway” star tweeted.

The 39-year-old actor added that the name change could have been to “Gurugaon”.

“I mean that in Haryanvi we have the word ‘gaav’ or ‘gaam’. They could have changed it to Gurugaon,” he said. (IANS)

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