Ratan Tata hits back at Bengal minister Amit Mitra

Kolkata, Aug 7 :

Attacked by West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress over his comment on lack of industrial development in the state, Tata Sons’ chairman emeritus Ratan Tata Thursday hit back saying he would be delighted to see the industrial projects that he missed out.

Ratan Tata (pic: tcs.com)
Ratan Tata (pic: tcs.com)
Tata clarified that his Wednesday comments were not about the industrial development of the state rather about his drive from the city airport to a hotel.

Reacting to Tata’s comments, state Finance and Industries Minister Amit Mitra during the day lashed out at the industrialist saying he was suffering from delusion and should focus on his hobbies.

“He should carry on with his hobby of flying. I am surprised that his company officials did not brief him properly. He does not know about the expansion of his own group companies in West Bengal… he is suffering from delusion,” Mitra said, adding that there was a long list of industries eager to set up shop in Bengal.

“My comments yesterday (Wednesday) referred to my drive from the airport to Maurya via Rajarhat. I saw lots of residential and commercial development but not much industrial development. I made no comment about the industrial development of the state. Mitra’s comments are therefore, surprising,” Tata said in a statement on his official Twitter handle.

“Mitra might believe I have lost my mind. I would be delighted if he could show me what industrial development projects I missed while driving through Rajarhat. If he cannot, then I would have to conclude that he has a very fertile imagination,” Tata said, asserting Mitra’s anger was “needless”.


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