Restriction on Holi revelry in Cuttack

Cuttack: In view of the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, the Commissionerate Police has restricted celebration of Holi in large scale in Cuttack. However, people are allowed to observe the festival in their own houses.

Besides, the CP has directed for observance of Dola Melan, scheduled to begin on March 23, in a low-key manner to prevent further spreading of the virus in the Silver City.

“Dola Melan will be organized in Cuttack UPD with effect from March 23 and Holi will be celebrated on March 29. Though in previous years, it was celebrated in pump and grandeur, it is felt necessary to observe the festival in a low-key manner this year  to prevent further spreading of COVID-19,” said a notification issued to all IICs of Cuttack.

The CP directed all IICs to instruct the organizers of Dola Melan Committees to ensure strict observance of Dola Melan and Holi in the following manner:

1. All the rituals of the Dola Melan shall be organized in a low key manner.

2. The gathering/crowd shall not be allowed more than 200 in the Melan ground

3. In each ‘Biman’, there shall be not more than 10 persons, including Biman carriers, priest, Ghantua, light man etc

4. No procession with musical instruments, lighting and crowd shall be allowed/permitted from the village to the Melan ground.

5.No use of music or loudspeaker shall be allowed/permitted at the melan ground

6. No one shall carry lathi/stick with them

7. No cultural function shall be allowed/permitted during Dola Melan

8. No meena bazaar/stall shall be installed near the place of Melan ground.

9. The function shall be organized in a limited time and not throughout the night.

10. On the day of festival of Holi, public are allowed to observe the same in their own houses.

11.Playing of Holi is not allowed in large scale manner by gathering/crowding.

12. No music system/loudspeaker/DJ will be allowed to be played on the day of Holi on the roads and public places.

Worth mentioning, the district has been witnessing a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases for the last two days with 25 and 20 new cases reported yesterday and today, respectively.


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