Richa Chadha vents anger at restaurant for not allowing woman wearing saree in

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: Actress Richa Chadha expressed her anger at Delhi-based Aquila restaurant after a video showing an employee of the restaurant did not allow a woman wearing saree to enter went viral.

Taking to Twitter, Chadha wrote, “This snobbery- denouncing our traditional clothes, looking down upon our own languages is the residue of post-colonisation trauma. It also creates a fertile breeding ground for fascism that exploits this very trauma. The Sari is smart, your policy isn’t! #SariNotSorry #Aquila”

Earlier in the day, a video went viral on social media showing a female employee of the restaurant telling a woman, “saree does not count as smart casuals whereas the hotel only allows smart casuals”.

The woman, an ex-Journalist was denied entry to the restaurant for wearing saree.

The video was shared by Anita Chaudhary, the ex-journalist who was there to celebrate the birthday of her daughter.

Sharing the video, Anita Choudhary wrote, “Saree is not allowed in Aquila restaurant as Indian Saree is now not an smart outfit. What is the concrete definition of Smart outfit plz tell me. Please define smart outfit so I will stop wearing saree.”

She said even though she repeatedly asked the staff standing at the gate to show her the rulebook which doesn’t allow women wearing saree inside the restaurant, the employee of the restaurant went on repeating that they can’t allow a woman wearing a saree.

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