Rihanna gets ‘turned on’ by ‘cultured’ men

Los Angeles, Oct 13:

  Singer Rihanna says that she is turned on by men who are well-cultured as that is a trait which keeps her intrigued.


The “Bitch better have my money” hitmaker shared she is “turned on” by men who have knowledge and can speak different languages as they can teach her something, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“I’m turned on by guys who are cultured. That’ will keep me intrigued. They don’t have to have a single degree, but they should speak other languages or know things about other parts of the world or history or certain artists or musicians. I like to be taught,” T magazine quoted Rihanna as saying.

The 27-year-old who insists that she is currently single, believes boys “need attention” and like to have their “ego stroked”.

“Guys need attention. They need that nourishment, that little stroke of the ego that gets them by every now and then. I’ll give it to my family, I’ll give it to my work, but I will not give it to a man right now,” she said. (IANS)


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