Rishi Kapoor & Raj Kiran: A friendship that couldn’t say a final ‘good-bye’

Bhubaneswar: Bollywood is said to have a chest of ruthless tales behind the glamorous screen. Stardom is a race that no one wants to lose and that’s why, genuine friends are rare here. And one of those gems was Rishi Kapoor.

Rishi was a true friend. Of course, people are familiar with his camaraderie with actors like Jeetendra and Rakesh Roshan. But, his friendship with another yesteryear actor Raj Kiran Mahtani is less talked about.

Raj Kiran was a blazing star of the industry during the 70s and 80s. He played in various movies, including some critically-acclaimed ones and received immense appreciations. But one day, his roller-coaster of success bumped down and the actor vanished from the screen. With time, the industry considered him dead and forgot him. But, Rishi didn’t.

Back in 2011, a decade after Raj’s no-show, Rishi tried to find the veteran actor’s whereabouts. He was accompanied by actress Deepti Naval in his mission. Rishi’s search for his ‘Karz’ co-star recapitulated the forgotten actor’s fading image in the industry.
After much digging, Rishi traced Raj’s brother Govind Mahtani’s contact details and found out that he was undergoing treatment in a mental asylum in Atlanta city. Rumours had it that Raj streamed down to depression after his career backlashed followed by his family feud. He then went to the United States for treatment.

Through Rishi, B-Town found out about Raj’s difficult times and many fellow actors stepped forward to help the veteran actor recover from his ailments. But later, Raj’s family negated Rishi’s friendly hands of help and asked him to step back and leave them.

So, the actor stepped out of the picture and Raj Kiran’s chapter was never brought to the table again.

Today, when Rishi Kapoor is no more in this world, will Raj Kiran ever find out that his friend did try to reach out to him once?


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