Rituals of Lord Lingaraj halted on 2nd day in Odisha capital

Bhubaneswar: Amidst conflict between sects of servitors over a land dispute, the rituals of Lord Shiva at the Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar were halted on the second day.

No rituals took place in the morning and Lord Lingaraj was offered no food since yesterday.

The Brahmin Nijog and Puja Panda Nijog servitors did not perform any ritual of the Lord at the centuries old Lingaraj Temple alleging the temple administration of not taking initiatives to bring back Lord Lingaraj’s land allegedly in possession of others.

According to reports, Brahmin and Puja Panda servitors had suspended all the rituals on Tuesday opposing illegal construction by Badu Nijog on a piece of land that belongs to Lord Lingaraj on banks of Gangua River.

They alleged that that the Badu Nijog of the shrine illegally occupied Lord Lingaraj’s land and began construction work on the property.

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