Rs 28 lakh vanishes from ATM booth !

OST Bureau
Kuanrmunda, Jan 20:

The disappearance of Rs 28 lakhs from the State Bank of India’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at Kuarmunda has led to a flutter in Rourkela police district. Police and ATM experts are at their wits end as to how such a huge amount of cash could vanish without any damage caused to the currency dispensing machine.

File pic
File pic

Reports said bank authorities on Saturday morning loaded Rs14, 19,300. The next day being Sunday and keeping in mind the requirement of its customers, bank authorities again on Saturday afternoon loaded another Rs 21, 80,000 in the ATM.

Sources said while the ATM functioned in a normal manner till 9.30 pm on Saturday night, customers who came to withdraw money from the ATM on Sunday morning found it to be dark inside the ATM kiosk with none of its buttons functioning.

ATM experts from the bank and Birmitrapur police rushed to the spot on Sunday as customers reported the matter to the SBI authorities. On examination these experts and police did not notice any damage caused to the ATM but it had no money in it.

While a total of Rs 35, 99,300 was loaded into the ATM on Saturday in two instalments and customers had withdrawn Rs 8, 00,600. That the remaining Rs 27, 98,700 have been stolen from the ATM was discovered on Sunday.

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