Russia-Ukraine crisis: Indian doctor in Ukraine gives update on situation in Kyiv

Chennai: With the Russian troops marching into the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, an Indian doctor from Kerala who has been living in the country since 1987, said that the situation is grave.

Dr. U.P.R. Menon, a consultant with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, and head of the Indian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Association is holed up inside a bunker beneath his home and comes out occasionally.

Married to a Ukrainian national, he told IANS that he is in the bunker with his wife and mother-in-law while his only son is in another part of the country.

The Indian doctor said that casualties, currently, are not that high as the Ukrainian army has not engaged with the Russians in direct shelling and once that begins, the casualties and damages will increase.

Dr. Menon said that on Thursday, shops were open but he did not visit any shop and occasionally, reaches his home as the bunker is situated below his home building.

The doctor who is working with the Ukrainian government said that all borders except the Western border are under Russian siege, and evacuation is possible only through the Western border.

He said that the Indian government will try and evacuate its citizens through the Western border.

He said that the situation was very tough and a large number of people are holed up in bunkers and in many other areas of Ukraine, as heavy shelling is taking place.

He also asked everyone to pray for Ukraine and when asked whether he hopes that the war would end soon, he said: “There is a saying in Russian, hope dies last.”


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