Sagittarius 15 August 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Auspicious Time, Astrological Prediction

Sagittarius: The time has come to embrace spirituality as a potent tool to combat your mental stress effectively. Incorporating meditation and yoga into your routine will bolster your mental resilience. Prior to leaving your home today, seek the blessings of your elders for added advantage. Your spouse holds the potential to bring about transformative changes in your life. Shape yourself into a dynamic force who crafts their life through personal effort, rather than relying on crutches or the support of others. Today, your heartbeats will dance to the melody of love, perfectly synchronized with your partner. It’s an auspicious day to submit your resume or attend an interview. While returning home from the office tonight, exercise caution while driving to avert accidents and potential illnesses in the days ahead. With your wonderful partner’s affection, you’ll experience a sense of regal comfort today.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: 2.30 pm to 4 pm.

Remedy: To enhance domestic harmony, consider lighting Loban incense (dhoop) within your home.

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