Sambad CEO Conclave-2022: Meet the leaders who turned the tables

Bhubaneswar: Business organizations are slowly but surely bouncing back into businesses after being hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic for two years. This has been possible due to the leadership quality and valuable advice of the CEOs at those organizations. Acknowledging the crucial roles played by the CEOs in strategizing businesses and helping them earn profits despite the tough time, ‘Sambad’, the No.1 daily of Odisha, is organizing the ‘Sambad CEO Conclave 2022’ on June 3, 2022 here.

‘Sambad CEO Conclave-2022’ will host discussions among a panel of business leaders on the fast-changing business scenario in view of the pandemic. The panel will also shed light on challenges faced by organizations and strategies to deal with the emerging situation.

The ‘Sambad CEO Conclave 2022’, the first-of-its-kind conclave in Odisha, will give insight on leadership, objectivity and future requirements of the businesses.

At the conclave, the CEOs will share their experiences on how they managed to handle businesses in the rough weather and tide over the declining bottom line. They took tough decisions and sacrificed a lot. It was not all easy. They did a marvelous job in balancing work and personal life as well.

The conclave will provide a forum to share and listen to the experience of those astounding personalities of the State.

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