Saphala Ekadashi 2022 Date, Fast Breaking Time, Tithi, Rituals

Saphala Ekadashi is a fasting day dedicated to worshipping Lord Vishnu. It is believed that by fasting sincerely on this day, the devotees can wash away their sins.

Saphala Ekadashi 2022 Date: December 19, Monday.

Ekadashi Tithi Begins: December 19, 2022 3:32 AM.

Ekadashi Tithi Ends: December 20, 2022 2:32 AM.

Parana Time (Fast Breaking Time): December 20, 8:06 AM – December 20, 9:14 AM.

Saphala Ekadashi Rituals: Devotees observe a strict fast in the honour of Lord Vishnu. The fast begins from the dawn of ekadashi and continues till the sunrise of the next day– dwadashi.

Those who are not capable of doing complete fast, can also observe partial fast for half day.

Only ‘satvik’ food is eaten by the devotees during the vrat.

Offering Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu on this day is believed to be auspicious.

Devotees please Lord Vishnu by offering incense sticks, coconut, betel nut and other aromatic objects.

Lighting of diyas during the evening is also a part of the ritual.

The observer of the vrat should not sleep during the night and partake in various bhajans and kirtan programs.

One should donate money, food and other essential items to the Brahmins and needy.

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