Sarathi Baba couldn’t do without wine, women: ex devotee

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 23:

Ever since the arrest Srimad Sarathi Baba, skeletons have been tumbling out of  the cupboard of the self-anointed godman with a frightening regularity.


A former woman devotee of Srimad Sarathi Saturday revealed some startling facts about the nefarious activities of the self-styled godman.

The woman told Kanak TV over phone that booze and women were regular affairs at the Sarathi Ashram at Barimul in Kendrapara. Wine and women flowed freely in the ashram.

It was Sarathi’s so-called son Satyam who used to manage every affair of the Satyam Charitable Trust, the woman said.

Sarathi’s closest aide Nandi used to keep a tab over everything that happened at the ashram. It was Nandi, who arranged everything for him, she said. Nandi, she said, had unhindered access to the  Baba’s bedroom adding only a few women had the ‘privilege’ to go into the Baba’s bedroom upstairs.

She said she had seen women going upstairs but feigned ignorance about what happened there, since only a handful had access to the Baba’s bedroom.

“If Nandi is caught the truth about the Baba’s misdeeds can come out in detail.” the woman told Kanak TV.

She said she has heard the Baba saying ‘I love you’ to some women and offering roses and flirting with them. She said Satyam too was aware of the illegal activities (dhanda) at the ashram. Sarathi, many of workers at the ashram like Nandi, Baba’s son Satyam and several of his followers indulged in boozing. Foreigners too visited the ashram, she claimed.

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