Savour authentic ‘mati handi mutton’ at these places in Odisha Capital

Bhubaneswar: When it comes to non-vegetarian food, especially mutton, nothing can beat Odisha’s ‘mati handi mutton‘. Prepared traditionally in an earthen pot, meat pieces with the authentic smoky flavour and spices, leave you craving for more.

Not many places in Bhubaneswar serve ‘mati handi mutton‘ but there are a few you can try when the taste buds demand the striking flavours of spicy earthen pot mutton:

Mutton Carte: This eatery at Nalco square claims to serve mutton and biryani like nowhere else. “Mati handi mutton has to be cooked in an earthen pot and on burning wood or coal. The marination, the preparation, the spices, all have to be perfect or it’ll lose the authentic taste. Our mutton is prepared from ‘khasi’ meat which is said to be the best among others,” said Raj Mishra, owner of Mutton Carte.

They serve the platter at Rs 100 per plate which has four mutton pieces, along with rice. The store started three years ago, now also has home delivery facilities.

Maa Matihandi Hotel: Started five years ago by Ramakanta Sahu, this place serves you mutton curry comprising of four pieces and rice at Rs 110. Situated amidst the fast food stalls at Nalco square, the outlet has a regular inflow of customers.

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“We keep our mutton mild. The taste is neither too bland nor too spicy, which I think is what the customers love the most,” Ramakanta said.

Babu Mati Handi Mangso: One of the oldest to have been serving mati handi mutton, Babu Mati Handi Mangso is located near Doordarshan Marg at Acharya Vihar.

One of the workers, Sibasish said they cook handi mutton on a earthen ‘chulha‘ burning firewood. You get mutton here at Rs 160 per plate which includes 6 mutton pieces and rice.

While these food joints serve you mutton with the authentic aroma and smoky flavour as it being cooked in earthen pot, one of the most popular places has been ‘Nanaa’s dhaba’ at Phulnakhara. There since last 50 years, it serves hundreds of people every day. Though it’s not mati handi mutton, the influx clearly proves how delicious the meat there is.

Savour with joy the mati handi mutton at these amazing places. Bon appetite.


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