Self-immolation attempted again outside Odisha Assembly

Bhubaneswar: Barely 5 days after a couple attempted to self-immolate in front of Odisha Assembly, a similar kind of incident was reported again outside Assembly where a woman and her son tried suicide by burning themselves here today.

The security personnel rescued the mother-son duo near Indira Gandhi Park.

According to reports, the woman and her son from Kujanga area tried to set themselves ablaze before Assembly demanding justice for her another son, who was allegedly killed a year ago.

The duo attempted suicide by pouring kerosene on their bodies. However, they were rescued by the security personnel.

The Commissionerate Police revealed the exact location where the security personnel managed to save the lives of duo before any mishap to take place.

“The suspects were caught not in front of the Assembly, but on the road behind IG Park near Assembly. The police chased the duo after they spotted them with some suspicious items to harm themselves. While they tried to nab the suspects, they poured kerosene on their bodies. But the police managed to stop them from setting themselves on fire,” said Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash.

When asked about the reason behind such attempt, the woman said that she wanted to die to get justice for her son.

Her another son, who also attempted to commit suicide along with her, said, “My younger brother was doing a job in Paradip after completion of Diploma courses. One day, he had gone with his friends in Tirtol where he was killed and his body was dumped.”

He alleged the police of not investigating into the murder incident of his brother for which he decided to take extreme step to get justice.

On Tuesday, a couple from Nayagarh district had attempted self-immolation in front of Assembly seeking justice for their slain minor daughter. Following the incident, the opposition parties BJP and Congress stormed the House and the ruckus still continuing over the alleged murder.

Yesterday, three farmers had also tried to set themselves on fire outside Assembly as mark of protest against Centre’s controversial farm laws.

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