Sensational Hyderabad abduction & rape case turns out to be hoax

Hyderabad: The recent alleged abduction and rape of a 19-year-old pharmacy student on the outskirts of Hyderabad has turned to be a hoax, the police confirmed on Saturday.

“The girl had informed her mother that due to family issues, she wanted to leave her house. Later, due to police involvement, she panicked and out of fear weaved a false story,” a police officer said.

In the ensuing melee, she took revenge on an autorickshaw driver on whom she had a grudge. “Due to some previous grudges she had on the auto driver, she wrongly informed the police about his involvement in the crime which she alleged to have happened,” confirmed the officer.

The police toiled for three days and involving a large posse of policemen including senior IPS officers to gather CCTV footages from about 100 surveillance cameras.

On scrutinising the footages, the police found that the girl had disembarked from the autorickshaw at the next stop after boarding it.

After the police found a lot of discrepancies in the girl’s story, they approached the case in a scientific manner.

The pharmacy student’s fake abduction and rape case gave jitters to the police department and created a sensation in the tech city, which witnessed a horrific abduction and rape of a vet more than a year ago.


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