Serving delicacies in earthen pot the new fad in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Most people swear by the intense and rich flavour of food cooked in clay pots, an age-old tradition which is slowly being revived. These are equally good for storing purpose as clay, which is alkaline in nature, interacts with the acidity in the food neutralizing it.

At Team Jajabara Odisha Tourism Complex on Puri-Bhubaneswar National Highway, a restaurant is serving its guests biryani, mutton and chicken curry and other food items in clay pots and earning their smile.

It is an initiative of Odisha Khadi and Village Industries Board, which is promoting use of clay pots in restaurants in and around the Odisha capital. It is being done by linking the potters of Sasanpur, Nuagaon near Sum Hospital under the Terracota and Pottery Society with the interested restaurateurs.

“We are promoting traditional artisans and opening up livelihood avenues for them. We started with Leon Garden Restaurant, which placed orders for customised pots. Clay pots are environment friendly too,” said Tejeswar Parida, director of Odisha Khadi and Village Industries Board.

He said more restaurants are approaching them for clay pots. They are also being encouraged to use clay glasses or kulhad as they are popularly called for serving tea and coffee, he added.

“We are all aware of how plastic bags pollute our environment. We have shifted to clay pots even for packing food for takeaways,” said Lora Mohapatra of Leon Garden Restaurant.

People are liking it as tradition is much appreciated, she added.

Similarly, restaurants and eateries in Bhubaneswar are turning to earthen pots for cooking and serving delectable food as these come with health benefits.

The old-world feel is here to stay!

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