Several passengers injured after Air India Delhi-Sydney flight encounters severe turbulence

New Delhi: Passengers on board a routine Air India flight from Delhi to Sydney suffered injuries after the aircraft encountered severe turbulence.

Fortunately, none of the injured passengers required hospitalisation, and all of them received immediate medical attention upon landing at the Sydney airport.

The incident occurred on Tuesday when the flight AAI-302 suddenly encountered a zone of turbulent weather, a senior Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) official said here on Wednesday.

Several passengers suffered minor injuries, including cuts, bruises and sprains, as a result of the severe turbulence.

According to DGCA officials, cabin crew members swiftly responded to the situation, attending to the injured passengers and ensuring their safety.

“Basic medical assistance, including first aid, was promptly provided to those in need. However, due to the non-life-threatening nature of the injuries, no passengers required hospitalisation upon landing in Sydney,” the officials added.

There was however, no immediate response from Air India.


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