‘Sex Selfie’ enters bedroom, explodes on social media

London, March 19 :

At a time when ‘Selfie’ has become a new buzzword on various social media platforms, a surprising number of men and women are increasingly posting ‘sex selfies’ while engaging in the real act.

Selfie-self photographs ( viralheat.com)
Selfie-self photographs ( viralheat.com)

‘Sex selfies’ – filming or photographing yourself having sex – are now a widespread practice with Britain leading the chart, said a survey done by AshleyMadison.com, the world’s largest extra-marital dating site.

It studied 74,000 people across the globe.

According to the report, 71 percent of British male respondents and 69 percent of women have taken a ‘sex selfie’ – compared with 60.19 percent and 51.6 percent globally, respectively.

‘Sex selfies’ are also popular in Taiwan and Japan, whereas in France, 38 percent of men and 34 percent of women said they prefer the ‘solo sex selfie’ without their partner.

“We have seen a worldwide explosion of selfies over the last few years and I think the ‘sex selfie’ is just the next logical step on from that,” Christoph Kraemer, AshleyMadison.com’s European communications director, was quoted as saying.

“When we have become so involved in how we present ourselves and what we look like in both our public and our private lives it is no wonder the selfie has found its way into the bedroom,” he added.

Sexual practices are changing fast in the digital world along with other aspects of our lives,” Kraemer noted, adding that ‘sex selfie’ is becoming more ‘mainstream’.

People are unaware that what they share on social media, by SMS or on WhatsApp can be tracked and seen elsewhere.

“I would think most ‘sex selfies’ are taken purely for personal use,” he told MyDaily.


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