‘Share the Warmth Drive’: JSW Foundation’s Heartwarming Initiative

Sambalpur: In a heartwarming initiative, JSW Foundation, the CSR Department of JSW BPSL organized the “Share the Warmth Drive” at Ghichamura Gram Panchayat last Wednesday by distributing blankets to the needy and marginalised communities in the locality.

Considering the intense cold wave condition in western Odisha, JSW BPSL, CSR department has undertaken the initiative  to address the urgent needs of the community and proactively contributed to the well-being of  the communities. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Neelam Singh, the First Lady, and President of Akanksha Ladies Club, JSW BPSL along with its other club members. Also Rajiv Kisan, Sarapnacha of Ghichhamura Gram Panchayat, and Vishal                Raj, Head of CSR at JSW BPSL, actively joined the distribution progarmme, bringing warmth  and smiles in the faces of the recipients.

Marked by a strong sense of community and compassion, the event exemplified the spirit of corporate social responsibility. The “Share the                 Warmth Drive” witnessed the distribution of nearly hundreds of blankets to those most   vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. The success of this initiative reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to creating a brighter and more inclusive future for the served communities, earning widespread praise from people of the Ghichhamura Gram Panchayats.

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