Siddharth Das says he is Sheena and Mikhail’s father

Kolkata, Sep 1:

Siddharth Das, who had a live-in relationship with media honcho Indrani Mukherjee – arrested for murdering her daughter Sheena Bora – on Tuesday claimed to be the father of the victim and Mikhail Bora.


Das, who now lives in Dum Dum on the outskirts of the city, admitted that he never married Indrani and said the “ambitious woman” left him as he was not “well off”.

“I met Indrani in 1986 and had a live-in relationship. Sheena was born in 1987 and Mikhail in 1988. I last spoke to Sheena when she was in class 10,” Das told mediapersons here.

Das said Indrani left him in 1989 and since then, they never contacted each other.

“Yes, she was highly ambitious and money minded, and perhaps she left me because I was not that well off,” he said.

Das said he came to know about Sheena Bora’s murder through the media, and said: “If she (Indrani) has killed Sheena, then she should get death. She deserves it.”

Meanwhile, Das’ wife claimed that she had no knowledge about her husband’s past life.

“I have been married to Das for 16-17 years. I didn’t know anything about his past and I have nothing to do with his past,” she said.

Indrani, wife of former media honcho Peter Mukherjee, Sanjeev Khanna, her ex-husband, and her driver are behind bars for the murder of Sheena Bora. (IANS)

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