Singapore logs fastest internet speed at 207.61 Mbps globally

New Delhi: Singapore has emerged as the fastest internet speed hub in the world with a median internet speed of 207.61 Megabits per second (Mbps).

According to an analysis by niche news publisher, Chile and Thailand follow Singapore closely with 200.01 and 189.64 Mbps, respectively.

At the eighth position is the US with 151.21 Mbps speed.

Hong Kong, Denmark, China, and Macau took the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh positions, respectively.

“Of the top eight countries with the fastest internet speed in the fixed broadband category, China is the most improved one, having stepped up three positions,” said Jonathan Merry, CEO, Bankless Times.

The global median download speed in the fixed broadband category currently is 63.46 Mbps.

“On the other hand, the median upload internet speed for the same category globally is 27.06 Mbps. Lastly, the median latency globally is 10 Mbps,” said the report.

While Singapore came first in the fixed broadband internet category, it dropped to the 22nd position in the mobile internet category with a median of 64.05 Mbps.

The UAE and Qatar led in this category with 134.48 Mbps and 129.36 Mbps, respectively.

The median download speed for the category is 30.75 Mbps with an upload speed of 8.78 Mbps, and the median latency is 29 ms, the report noted.

Meanwhile, India dropped four spots in rank globally for overall median fixed broadband speeds — from 72nd to 76th spot in the month of April.

Overall median fixed download speeds in India saw a slight decrease from 48.15 Mbps in March to 48.09 Mbps in April, according to Ookla, the global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights.

However, India recorded 14.19 Mbps median mobile download speeds which is better than 13.67 Mbps in March.



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