Sinkhole could swallow Australian peninsular Inskip Point

Sydney, Sep 28:

The Inskip Point in Queensland peninsula, where an enormous sinkhole has opened up, could eventually disappear, a geotechnical engineer said on Monday.

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Hundreds of campers were evacuated from the Inskip Point camping ground on Saturday after the sinkhole swallowed a car, caravan, tents and a camping trailer, ABC quoted geotechnical engineer Allison Golsby as saying.

The sinkhole is more than 200 metres wide and is growing.

“People have said that at some stage Inskip Point may not be there,” she said.

“Now that could be thousands of years, it could be hundreds of years.”

Golsby said the area has a history of sinkholes and should be closely monitored to warn of any further disasters.

“It is great to monitor because then we keep everybody in the right place and they won’t be put in a position like that,” she said.

Campsites near the sinkhole will be closed till further assessment. (IANS)

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