Smart parking soon in Odisha capital

Bhubaneswar: The much-awaited smart parking facility to stop the reckless on and off-road parking in Bhubaneswar is likely to start soon.

Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) has expedited the holistic parking project to execute it between Sishu Bhawan and Vani Vihar Chhak from September this year.

Following implementation of the new parking system, the commuters need to book a parking slot through mobile application before leaving the house for destination on the 8-km stretch of road in the smart city.

Initially, the parking sensor has been installed on smart Janpath and more sensors will be installed soon in remaining areas under the smart parking policy.

Source in the BSCL said that 50 sensors have already been installed between Rajmahal Chakk and Sishu Bhawan Chhak. The installation of sensors upto 1000 between Sishu Bhawan and Vani Vihar Chhak is in the plan. The mobile application in collaboration with BHUBANESWAR.ME will become functional soon.

To execute the project, the illegal encroachments are being removed on the road and the system is likely to be implemented from September, he added.

In case of illegal parking without booking space through app, the sensor will send a message to employees engaged for collecting parking fee. Acting on the information, the concerned staff will make arrangement for parking after collecting fine amount from the commuter.

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