Smita Patil ‘forced’ Nana to join film industry

Mumbai, March 1:

Acclaimed actor Nana Patekar says he enjoyed doing plays on stage, but late actress and “very good friend” Smita Patil forced him to enter the film industry.

Pic Courtesy:
Pic Courtesy:

“I used to do plays and I was very happy there, but Smita Patil forced me to get into films. Smita recommended my name to Ravi Chopra for the film ‘Aaj Ki Aawaz’.

“She was a very good friend of mine. Now, she is not with us anymore and I really miss her,” Nana, who acted with Smita in movies like “Awam” and “Giddh”, told reporters in a group interview.

Meanwhile, Nana, whose latest film film “Ab Tak Chappan 2” released Friday, says he doesn’t like to attend parties.

“I don’t like to attend parties because I feel parties are attended by those who don’t have the guts to speak directly and then they speak out after getting drunk and the next day they go and apologise to them.

“I don’t like to sit with such people so neither I go nor my family attends it. I am a very simple man,” he said. IANS


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