Software engineer Sweta suicide case: Techie availed loan of Rs 2.3 lakh from private bank

Bhadrak: Adding a fresh twist today to the suicide case of software engineer Sweta Utkal Kumari from Sailashreevihar locality of Bhubaneswar, a statement of bank loan availed by the girl has surfaced. Sweta had taken a loan of Rs 2.3 lakh but had not informed her parents about it.

It is said that Sweta borrowed money for her boyfriend and the key accused Soumyajeet Mahapatra. However, Sweta’s family members are clueless about the loan and it is yet to be ascertained if the loan money was actually given to Soumyajeet when he was facing financial pressure after losing job.

According to a private source, Sweta had taken Personal Loan from the bank’s branch in Bhadrak against her account number LPBHK00041570187, which was sanctioned on March 1, 2020. She owed a total of Rs 3,07,744 including interest on the principal amount, of which she had already paid installments worth Rs 1,35,162 and 1,72,582 is still due for payment as of date.

It is pertinent to mention, a Whatsapp message of Sweta sent previously to mother of Soumyajeet had surfaced on Thursday (August 25, 2022). In the purported message, the girl had written, “Apananka puo mobile pain mo thu 12000 neithile. Mote micha drama karuchanti ki se mote bht kichi deithile. Sorry aunty bt apananka puo ete micha kahi paranti mun eta jani nathili.”

“Chakiri chadila pare mo room re padiki thile without rent n electricity bill .. se ebe drama kahin karuchanti ki mote bht kichi deithile .. jadi dauthile tahele rd FD kemti banauthile. Ete namak haram pila mo life re dekhini. Jaun thali re khaibe se thali re last ku thukiki jibe,” Sweta further wrote.

“Se jaun mote ebe kahuchanti ki tu jaun jota n shirt deithilu neija .. mun neiki kana karibi ???? Mote dei diantu se paisa. Aau mote ete unethical namak haram, ehsan faramos pila Saha katha habara nahi,” the deceased software engineer had expressed.

The messages were sent on Whatsapp in between 11.41 am to 11.44 am, but the date when those were sent is not known, which are making the rounds on different social media platforms.

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