Solar Eclipse just a week away; Know when and where the ‘Ring of Fire’ will be visible

Bhubaneswar: Sky gazers! After ‘red moon’, another great celestial event is just a week away.

The solar eclipse on June 10 will be this year’s first annular solar eclipse also called ‘Ring of Fire’.

However, in some locations, it will be the partial solar eclipse.

The annular solar eclipse will start at 1.42 PM (IST) and will be visible till 6.41 PM (IST).

The NASA stated that this year’s first solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Russia, Canada and Greenland. The eclipse will be witnessed first in northern Ontario and the north side of Lake Superior both in Canada for about 3 minutes. With movement of the Earth, the total solar eclipse will be visible from Greenland. Later, it will be seen in Siberia and the North Pole.

Last week, this year’s first lunar eclipse had happened. People in most of the countries witnessed the ‘blood moon’ or ‘super moon’ on May 26.



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