Somvar Vrat Today, 31 October 2022: Fast Break Timing, Parana Time, Rituals

Somvar Vrat is a fasting dedicated to Lord Shiva. The vrat is observed on Mondays to please the Lord and get one’s wishes fulfilled.

Though the fasting can be observed on any Monday, there is mention of auspicious Mondays in the Hindu calendar for the vrat.

The first Monday after New Moon day of any month is considered most auspicious for Somvar Vrat.

Somvar Vrat October 2022 Date: October 31, Monday.

Fast Breaking Time/ Parana Time: November 01, 6:36 am.

Somvar Vrat Rituals: The vrat begins with the sunrise on Monday. The observer of the vrat wakes up early in the morning and meditates about Lord Shiva.

After taking a holy bath, the devotee offers prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The vrat observer wears white clothes.

Special puja is performed by anointing the Shivling with Panchamrit, which is a mixture of honey, curd, milk, ocimum leaves and curd, along with other special substances.

Devotees also offer Vibhuti and Bael leaves to Lord Shiva as these are considered to be the favourites of the Lord.

Special food offerings (Naivedya) are also prepared and offered to appease Lord Shiva. White flowers are also offered on the Shivling.

In the evening, Somvar Vrat Katha is read by the observer of this vrat. The devotees chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ on the Somvar Vrat day.

The observer of the vrat can fast completely or take a single meal after midday. Partial fast can also be observed by having sabudana khichdi or fruits.

The devotees end their fast on the next day after performing rituals and prayers of the morning.

The prasad is then distributed among other devotees and also offered to the poor and needy.

Devotees observing the vrat can either visit Lord Shiva temple in the morning and evening or offer prayers at home.

This vrat can be observed by all. Unmarried girls observe this vrat to get good husbands while married women observe the vrat for peaceful family life.

Somvar Vrat 2022 Dates and Parana Time (Fast Breaking Time)

January 3rd
Parna Time : Jan 04, 7:13 AM
February 7th
Parna Time : Feb 08, 7:07 AM
March 7th
Parna Time : Mar 08, 6:46 AM
April 4th
Parna Time : Apr 05, 6:19 AM
May 2nd
Parna Time : May 03, 5:56 AM
May 30th
Parna Time : May 31, 5:45 AM
July 4th
Parna Time : Jul 05, 5:50 AM
August 1st
Parna Time : Aug 02, 6:01 AM
August 29th
Parna Time : Aug 30, 6:12 AM
September 26th
Parna Time : Sep 27, 6:20 AM
October 31st
Parna Time : Nov 01, 6:36 AM
November 28th
Parna Time : Nov 29, 6:54 AM
December 26th
Parna Time : Dec 27, 7:10 AM
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