Sona Mohapatra shares eye-popping bikini pictures; gets trolled

Bhubaneswar: Odisha-born Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra, who often lands into controversies  due to her bold statements, is once again in news. This time, for her bikini pictures.

Mohapatra shared some jaw-dropping pictures of her in a black monokini a few days back. However, many netizens started body-shaming her while some others denounced her for wearing ‘bikini’ despite being an Odia. However, many fans appreciated her look and came in support of  her.

Yesterday, the singer gave it back to the trolls like a boss.  She took to  social media, posted many more pictures from the bikini shoot on her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles. In the post, she also mentioned that clothes don’t justify anyone to attack a woman.



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I shared some #SonaOnTheRocks pics yesterday & many wrote in saying “wearing slut clothes & then saying #MeToo ?! “. Some felt let down, “thought you were a different type of person, didn’t expect this from you?! “. Many sent 😍, ❤️& 🔥too! I am grateful for all categories of people writing in. The first show themselves to the rest of the world & hopefully someone in their life’s will teach them the concept of ‘consent’ & how clothes or lack of them doesn’t justify anyone attacking a woman. The second category of people should throw away any notion of me living up to their idea of a intense, thinking, serious, loving & therefore only khadi or fully covered woman.. your Sanskari’pan or idea of ‘worthy woman’ is not mine, no apologies from me therefore. For the third lot who sent me love, right back at you!! You give me strength everyday. I refuse to fit in to any box, just like I refuse to suck in my well earned belly or clean up pics, or make myself ‘thin’ using unnatural means or with apps. 2020 here I Come!!! I hear the music. I hear a beat. From the universe around. From within. 🎶🎶 Own your spirit. Own your journey. Own your belly. Don’t suck any of it in.. BE #nofilter #bigbelly #strechmarks #pigmentation #noshame #noworries #notouchup #photoshop #ban #photoshopfail #free #body #love #eating #sweettooth #health #wellness #today #always #sonamohapatra

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