Sonu Nigam: There’s going to be severe blood crisis in India, so donate blood

Mumbai:  Singer Sonu Nigam urged every non-vaccinated person in India to step forward and donate blood because he says there is will be a severe blood crisis amid the second wave of Covid-19.

“There is going to be a severe crisis in blood-banks. People who haven’t been vaccinated till now needs to step forward and donate blood. The situation, which could turn serious in the coming time, can easily be controlled with blood donation,” said Sonu.

The singer, who donated blood and oxygen canisters at a blood donation camp in Juhu, urged all not to wait till the time the crisis is on us.

“Rather than waiting for the crisis to arrive and then start looking for a solution, it is a lot easier to foresee the problems and start looking for solutions right away. That’s what I am doing here, trying to make arrangements for the crisis,” added Sonu.

Sonu inaugurated the blood donation camp and also donated 250 oxygen canisters for BMC and ambulances. He added, “There are 250 oxygen canisters here, of different capacities. Patients who are being transported in ambulances, from home to hospital, it’s for them. We’re making these canisters available for BMC and ambulances.”

Sonu had tested Covid positive earlier and he has not taken the vaccine yet.


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