South Koreans sue Volkswagen over emissions scandal

Seoul, Oct 26:

Two South Korean Volkswagen owners said on Monday that they have filed a class action lawsuit in the US against the German carmaker over its emissions rigging scandal.

volkswagen“We have filed the suit because we were angry at Volkswagen,” said Yim Ye-won, one of the petitioners who owns the car, adding “We believe that there should be a heavy penalty for this act of fraud”, Yonhap News Agency reported.

“The lawsuit was filed with a federal court in California,” said Jason Ha, a lawyer representing the two, adding that the clients are seeking punitive damages in a case that prompted consumer outcry from around the world for deceiving the public about the results of emissions tests.

Last month, the US Environmental Protection Agency said that Volkswagen used software that activates emission controls only when the car is going through official testing to fake test results and pass strict emissions standards.

The company has admitted to the accusation and decided to recall about 500,000 vehicles in the US alone. It also admitted that more than 10 million cars sold globally might be equipped with the “defeat device.”

A total of 700 local plaintiffs have so far filed a suit against Volkswagen Group, Audi Volkswagen Korea and local dealers, demanding their purchase contracts be nullified and the German carmaker return the money. (IANS)

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