This space selfie not to be missed !

New York, April 24:

Here comes a selfie straight from the space.

While replacing a dead primary computer outside the International Space Station (ISS) Wednesday, two astronauts did not mind taking a selfie which is now giving the earth dwellers goosebumps.

Selfie in space (IANS)
Selfie in space (IANS)

After finishing their repair job, Rick Mastracchio and Steven Swanson took some time off to take some pictures.

Within hours, Mastracchio posted a picture to Twitter, telling followers “the space suit makes it very difficult to get a good selfie”.

“My arms are too short for a selfie,” Mastracchio posted who asked fellow Swanson to take his picture.

As one might imagine, the confines of a spacesuit make it difficult to snap a proper selfie, but he was able to pull it off after a few tries, NASA said.

Their mission accomplished, Mastracchio and Swanson exchanged a few jokes and laughs as they got ready to go back inside.

NASA had fears that if the primary computer went down as well, the entire space station would be in jeopardy.

These two computers – the primary and backup – control the pointing of the solar wings and radiators, as well as the movement of the robot-arm rail cart.

The space station is home to six men – the two Americans, three Russians and one Japanese, media reports said.


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