Stranded in forest, this man lived off insects for 12 days

Brasilia, Aug 23 :

A man lost in the Brazilian forest survived for 12 days by eating insects.

Gileno Vieira da Rocha, 65
Gileno Vieira da Rocha, 65

Gileno Vieira da Rocha, 65, was found by a peasant in the rainforest region of the Vila de Sucunduri municipality, 435 km from Manaus city, capital of Amazonas, authorities said Friday.

Rocha, an engineer who was working on a sports field in Vila de Sucunduri, had an argument with residents and walked out of the hotel located on the Trans-Amazonian Highway and ended up getting lost in the forest, police official Francisco Rocha said.

The official said the peasant found the engineer, unconscious with cuts and scrapes, some 30 km from the place where he was last seen.

Despite his age, the engineer survived because he was a native of the Amazon region and “knew a thing or two about the forest”, the official added.


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