Stray dog carries foetus in mouth, notice to 6 staff in UP hospital

Gorakhpur (UP): In a shocking incident, a dog was seen carrying a dead human foetus in its mouth at the Maharajganj district hospital here.

The chief medical superintendent (CMS) Dr A.K. Dwivedi has lodged a police complaint against three sanitation employees and served notices on six hospital staff, including an on-duty nurse and doctor.

An inquiry into the incident has also been initiated.

According to reports, the dog was spotted in the hospital’s gallery by people present there. Following the complaint, the hospital staff immediately caught the dog and recovered the foetus.

The hospital chief said deliveries of two stillborn babies had taken place on the day and bodies of both the babies were given to their respective families.

Allegedly, one of the families was reluctant to take the body, and abandoned it near a dustbin which was picked up by the dog.


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