Struggling with rapid mood swings? Know factors that trigger them

Bhubaneswar: If you are being troubled by rapid mood swings, here are things that you would want to know.

Most people have a pre-conceived notion that mood swings are solely women’s problems especially when they are PMSing.

Fact check! Mood swings don’t discriminate by gender. You could be a man and still feel like being on emotional roller-coasters from time to time that might not be easy for you to explain to others. It’s alright though. So what exactly are mood swings?

Mood swings are basically abrupt changes in mood or emotional state of a person.  They could either be the outcomes of prolonged stress or restlessness or could be precursors of certain underlying diseases.

Here are seven common factors that trigger mood swings in people- men and women, alike:

  1. Sleep deprivation: not getting enough sleep gradually starts exhausting your nerves and brains. That leaves you grumpy, tired and foggy. As a result, the mood swings kick in.



  1. Bipolar Disorder: is a mental disorder that causes extreme emotional highs and lows in a person. It tends to trigger mood swings in people already suffering from it.



  1. Stress: it comes without guessing that stress is one of the major triggering points of mood swings as it deteriorates the mental composure of a person.



  1. Thyroid related problems: people suffering from thyroid issues, be it hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, tend to have rapid mood swings along with other health related issues.



  1. Steroids: If you are under some medication that includes intake of steroids, mood swings come by as the most obvious side effects.



  1. Low blood sugar: ever felt hungry, jittery and angry all at the same time? That’s another facet of mood swings when your blood sugar goes down. The moment you satiate your hunger, things begin to fall back to normal.



  1. ADHD: (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) people with this condition tend to be quite impulsive. They fail to keep their anger or frustration in check even in matters of tiniest inconvenience. Gradually, they withdraw from the surrounding and slip into depression.


Now that we recognize what factors cause mood swings in people, how do we deal with them?

Well, one could start with:

  • Planning a healthy diet chart
  • Cutting down on regular consumption of caffeine, excess sugar and alcohol
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Trying and getting better sleep.

If these don’t work well for a person, that would mean they would  need serious medical assistance as soon as possible.


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