Students from rural areas were most affected due to Covid-19: Achyuta Samanta

Bhubaneswar: Dr Achyuta Samanta, founder of KIIT and KISS Universities talks about education system, social service and his experience in field of politics.

Here is an excerpt from his interview:

What is your vision in the field of education?

Education is like the third eye for children and people at large. Without that, one can’t excel in life.  So, my aim is to ensure every child receives the privilege of qualitative education in days to come.

Now that both KIIT and KISS are on the world map, what are your further plans?  

I always try to keep both these institutions qualitatively upgraded and simultaneously make efforts for the development of sports here too. In future, I am going to devote my time towards various social services.

How do you think Covid-19 pandemic has affected the students?

All the students across the world have suffered quite a lot due to the pandemic, especially the ones from financially backward section.  Odisha is a village dominated state. So, students from those areas have terribly suffered. Many have slipped into depression. I am deeply worried how they could be help get better.

How are education and entrepreneurship related?

Education is everything. One can become an entrepreneur without being educated. There are many entrepreneurs on national and international platforms setting examples. However, being educated provides more insights and helps an entrepreneur perform better.

Do you plan to expand KISS in near future?

We are planning to expand KISS in 20 tribal-dominated areas in the coming year or two and are motivated to make it one of the best universities in the country. Apart from academics, we are working on providing best trainings to students who are looking forward for successful careers in field of sports and aspiring to participate in the Olympics someday.

Do you think politics helps in carrying out social services by letting you connect with more people?

I think we grew fairly close to people through our educational facilities and social services. However, politics indeed is a major platform to reach more and more people and serve them. I think through politics, I would be able to serve a larger section on people well.

Why do Indian educational institutes fail to make it to the world ranking?

It is nothing to be offended about.  Institutions from Europe, Australia, Canada and America are hundreds and thousands of years old but in our country, educational institutions came comparatively quite later. We are making slow progress and we will soon share the spots in that list, without a hint of doubt.

 What would you say about Sambad Brands of Odisha Pride of India?

I would say it’s an excellent initiative by Sambad Group. With these, they are ensuring the progress of the state along with the progress of individual entrepreneurs. So I congratulate them for their efforts and hope they continue to do the good work.



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