Students wear unique headgear in China to keep social distancing in class

China: China is slowly returning to normalcy after a long battle against coronavirus that has killed more than 4600 people in the country. Several students returned to school on Monday, months after the novel coronavirus outbreak hit the country. Social distancing is still being followed to contain the spread of the novel virus in China.

A school in the city of Hangzhou found a novel way to enforce social distancing by letting the students wear DIY hats with 3-ft long horizontal plumes extending on either side have surfaced on social media.

The teachers had asked the kids to make the headgear with their parents at home before returning to school. The students are required to have no physical contacts with their classmates while keeping their hats untouched.

Duke University Professor Eillen Chengyin Chow shared on Twitter the pictures from the classroom with the caption,” First graders back to school in Hangzhou, with social distancing headgear”. The long horizontal plumes on Song dysnasty toppers were supposedly to prevent officials from conspiring sotto voce with one another while at court- so social distancing was in fact their original function.


Her tweet had garnered over 19k likes and more than 9k retweets. Netizens have also flooded with all praises and loved the  creative idea.

The deadly virus Covid-19 was reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The virus have wreaked havoc across the globe and infected more than 3.15 million people.

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