Suffering from Common cold? Know 5 foods to eat and avoid

Bhubaneswar:  Suffering from common cold is already quite strenuous. Then, symptoms like sore throat, chest congestion, nose blockade and heavy head make it quite unbearable for a person.

With all the uneasiness, people often end up with a disturbed diet routine as they fail to eat or drink properly. Of course, there are prescription medicines for cure but to make it most effective, people should also focus on what they should eat or drink during their medication and what they should absolutely avoid.

Here are five things that a person suffering from common cold should eat and avoid:

 What to eat?

  1. Citrus dose: Consume a lot of citrus or Vitamin C containing fruits like oranges and lemons. They might not prevent you from catching cold but surely, help it fight the common cold to get better soon.

  1. Vegetable juice and chicken soup: a glass of vegetable juice or a steaming bowl of chicken soup make a soothing and satisfying means to fight common cold. They hydrate the body and provide it nutrition to heal faster.

  1. Ginger: whether chewed or brewed into a warm drink, ginger is clearly throat’s best friend. The gingerol and shogaol contents in ginger soothe the throat, decongests it, prevents inflammation and leaves the body refreshing and charged up.
Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea
  1. Broccoli, green tea and kale:  these red onions and berries like cranberries and blueberries contain an antioxidant called quercetin, which, according to study, helps one’s body fight common cold.

  1. Garlic: since ages, garlic cloves have been used to not only treat common cold, but also prevent it from infecting people.



What to avoid?

  1. Caffeine: anything that contains caffeine is a big nay-say when you have caught cold. Caffeinated drinks like soda, black tea and coffee dehydrate your body and make you feel uneasy. Replacing these with water, warm lemon and honey drink or some antioxidant-rich green tea would be a better call to make.

  1. Sweet treats: It might not seem easy for people with sweet-tooth but, on the path of recovery from cold and sore throat, you might want to stay far away from treating yourselves with sweets and candies as they cause inflammation and weaken the white blood cells that make the body’s immune system.



  1. Alcohol: When sick, getting high on alcohol is also a bad idea as it puts the body and stress and challenges the recovery procedure.



  1. Processed foods: these foods might taste amazing but they don’t provide the basic nutrition a body would need. So, when unwell, replace processed or packaged food with some healthy and nutritious meals for faster recovery.



  1. Chips and crackers: again, anything salty and crunchy also doesn’t go easy on the soar throats. Rather, they worsen the cough and throat irritation.


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