Superbikes Show to promote road safety in Odisha capital

Bhubaneswar: The thrill of speed often blinds the youth, who care little for their safety. Throwing traffic rules to the wind and flinging away the safety gears to look cool take a fatal turn for a few unfortunate lot.

To promote safe driving on Odisha capital roads, students of a city-based engineering college in association with biking clubs organized a ‘Superbikes Show’ last evening.

The show was a part of the techno-cultural fest of a private university, Chakravyuh-Genesis. Biking clubs ‘The Motorcyclists’ and ‘The free soul rider’s club’ spoke about the motto ‘I support road safety’ to raise road safety awareness among Odisha youth.

Suman Parida, a member of the motorcyclists group, said, “It’s important for youngsters to understand that speeding the vehicle beyond limits can be dangerous. And driving without a helmet has become so common, which again is equally risky.” Drawing from his experience, he spoke on how safety gears had saved his life in the past.

Bikes like Harley Davidson and Triumph were on display during the event, which also saw a quiz competition for the students present at the bike show. About 500 students were quizzed on latest bike technologies.

The bike show was wrapped up with a bike ride within the varsity campus here, exhorting youths to follow traffic rules and always wear safety gears while driving.

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