SUV is taking over Odisha’s car market: Dr. Abinash Samal

Bhubaneswar: Dr. Abinash Samal, Director of Empriyo Group talked about Odisha’s car market after the COVID-19 pandemic, its gradual recovery and customers’ preferences in an interview with Sambad.

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

What are the mindsets of customers visiting the showroom after the COVID-19 pandemic?

We know that consumers are more aware of social distancing and greet each other accordingly. However, the negative thoughts that they earlier had in their minds, have now eliminated to a great extent. They visit the showroom with a positive attitude towards buying luxury cars of their choice.

How was the sale during the festival season?

This year’s sales figures are better than last year. Considering the bookings and research of people, it might continue till the fourth quarter.  Between November and January, there will be fewer weddings and the interest rates will remain low. So, situations will be good for companies.

Will the increase in car prices affect demand?

Rising car prices in January every year have become a trend. We don’t see any significant impact on customers.

Which type of vehicle is more popular in Odisha?

SUVs have taken over the Odisha market. People simply love to tour across the state in their cars.

What are customers looking for, in a car- style, convenience, or affordable price?

Indian customers place a high value on mileage when they buy a new car. Nowadays, they are looking for cars that are affordable and convenient, especially, the ones that can be connected to smartphones.

What type of engine do customers prefer?

Customers prefer the two-liter engine because it gives more energy for excellent performance.

Why are car and tractor sales increasing compared to other vehicles?

Many industries and corporations have been able to compensate for their losses by re-enforcing the allotments that were stalled during the lockdown. Improvements in all areas are playing a key role in boosting car sales. 

What would you say about Sambad Brands of Odisha Pride of India?

Unique and innovative thinking makes you different from others and this campaign by Sambad Group reflects that. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign united successful businessmen and connected Odisha with other parts of the world.


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