Tamil film ‘Pisasu’ explores ‘the ghost world’

Chennai, Oct 28 :

Filmmaker Mysskin says his upcoming Tamil paranormal thriller “Pisasu” is an attempt to explore the ghost world, apart from scaring the audience.

Prayaga in Pisasu
Prayaga in Pisasu

The movie is currently in post-production.

“It was my desire for a very long time to do a horror film. The intention of making ‘Pisasu’ is not only to scare but to explore the ghost world,” Mysskin said in a statement.

Known for mostly working with newcomers, Mysskin is all praise for the film’s lead actors — newcomers Naga and Prayaga.

“Naga is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm, while Prayaga is an exemplary dancer. Her performance in a scene where she’s about 60 feet off the ground will send chills down people’s spine,” he said.

Veteran actor Radha Ravi has played an important role in the film.

According to Mysskin, the film’s climax will be the highlight. It involves an action sequence choreographed by Hong Kong-based stuntman Tony Leung Siu Hung.


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