Tamil Nadu Govt orders fixed deposit of Rs. 5 lakh for children who’ve lost parents to COVID

Chennai, May 29 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin on Saturday ordered a fixed deposit of Rs.5 lakh in the names of minor children who had lost their parents to Covid-19.

Stalin passed the orders after chairing a meeting of senior officials.

According to a statement issued the following orders have been issued to the officials with regards to children who had lost their parents to Covid-19:

  • open a fixed deposit for Rs.5 lakh each in the names of each child who had lost its parents to Covid-19. When the child attains 18 years of age, the principal and accumulated interest to be paid to that child;
  • preference to be given to such children in admission to government owned homes and hostels;
  • state government to foot their education, hostel costs till their graduation;
  • if one of the parent of a child dies due to Covid-19, payment of Rs.3 lakh to the surviving parent;
  • if a child that lost both its parents and living with its relatives and others payment of Rs.3,000 per month till they attain 18 years of age;
  • Rs.5 lakh fixed deposit for a child who had already lost one of its parent earlier and loses the surviving parent;
  • a district-wise committee will be formed to oversee the beneficiary children.


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