TB surfaces in 2nd wave Covid patients in India

Lucknow: Low immunity and inflammation in lungs have increased the risk of tuberculosis in patients who suffered serious Covid-19 infection during the second wave.

Prof Rajendra Prasad, renowned pulmonologist, said that he has come across TB patients, who had been severely infected with the novel coronavirus during the second wave.

“Four such patients have come to me in the past three months,” said Prof Prasad.

Senior physician at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (SPM) hospital, Dr Ashok Yadav also claimed to have come across two such patients while many others also agreed witnessing one or two such cases. They also discussed resurfacing of TB in serious Covid-19 patients even after completing full treatment (of TB).

Prof Prasad, said, “Due to serious infection, the immunity gets decreased while inflammation in lungs following Covid-19 infection could be the reason behind these cases.”

Prof Ved Prakash, head, pulmonary and critical care department, King George’s Medical University (KGMU), said, “Body takes time to rebuild its immunity to fight infection. However, during the Covid-19 second wave, serious patients’ lungs got damaged, they became more prone to catch infectious diseases. Since TB’s prevalence is high it can be a serious issue.”

Faculty at the respiratory medicine department, KGMU, Prof RAS Kushwaha said, “During lockdowns and devastating second wave the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis suffered a serious setback.”

As a result, many patients were unable to get drugs in time and the TB treatment chain broke. Similarly, some TB patients, despite having symptoms of cough fever and weakness, remained undiagnosed.


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