TDP MP asks women to dress in ‘dignified manner’

New Delhi, Aug 7:

A debate in the Lok Sabha on crime against women turned into a lesson on virtues of “dignified” dressing Thursday, when a TDP member asked women to dress properly in order to uphold Indian traditions.

Murali Mohan Maganti, TDP
Murali Mohan Maganti, TDP

During the discussion on rising crimes against women, Telugu Desam Party member Murli Mohan Maganti said: “To uphold the tradition of Indian culture, I would earnestly appeal to all my sisters and girls to dress in a dignified manner.”

“I would appeal to brothers to treat every woman as his own family member,” he said. “This would be a tribute to mother India.”

However, as his comments drew protests from women members, the TDP member retracted his statement.


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  1. Arjun Kumar Vij says

    I am very shocked to hear the statement of South Indian Member of Parliament of TDP – an alliance partner of BJP, wherein he tried to justify that well dressed and modern dressed women are always prone to rapes. This is a shame and his outbursts should be condemned by one and all. I want to ask the people’s representative why there is no incidence of rape in Bollywood where most of the heroines roam in semi nude attires. Is there any answer ?

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