Telangana bill in tune with constitution: Jairam

New Delhi/Hyderabad, Jan 27:

jairam ramesh

Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh Monday said the Telangana bill was prepared and referred to Andhra Pradesh legislature in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

Talking to reporters in the national capital, he said it was not proper for Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy or ministers from Seemandhra to say that the bill is faulty.

“There may be differences on the bill but there are no mistakes,” said the central minister when asked to comment on the chief minister’s allegation that the bill is full of mistakes.

Ramesh pointed out that Andhra Pradesh Reorganistaion Bill 2013 was prepared by the Group of Ministers (GoM) and was approved by the union cabinet before the President referred it to the state legislature.

The central minister, who is a member of GoM, remarked that the bill is the property of the state legislature till Jan 30. He also said only the opinion of the legislature was sought.

On the chief minister’s remark that the central government is not clear whether original bill or draft bill was sent to state legislature, Ramesh said bill and draft bill were one and same.

Responding to the central minister’s comment, Kiran Reddy wanted to know whether it was his personal opinion or the central government’s view. He further said if this was the central government’s view, it has to give the same in writing.

The chief minister told reporters in Hyderabad Monday that the original bill was not sent to the legislature and hence he gave a notice to assembly speaker for moving a resolution to reject the bill.

Kiran Reddy argued that only the original bill which is to be introduced in parliament has to be sent to the state legislature for its opinion.



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