Terrorists nabbed by Karnataka Police had ‘pledged’ to become suicide bombers

Bengaluru: The probe into the activities of the arrested terrorists Akthar Hussain Lashkar and Juba has revealed shocking details of their network in the country. The investigative agencies have found that both the terror suspects were all set to join Al-Qaeda and become suicide bombers to take revenge against Hindus in India, sources said on Wednesday.

Police sources said that Akthar Hussain and Juba were ready to become suicide bombers in the “interest of Muslim brotherhood”. Both claimed that Muslims were being treated as third grade citizens in India, police sources said.

Considering the seriousness of the case, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) will soon be interrogating the terror suspects and takeover the investigations, sources said.

The terror suspects were in touch with Al-Qaeda members on Snapchat multimedia instant messaging application. The accused persons tried to establish contacts in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. They were also attempting to organise the Muslim youth on Telegram and motivate them to carry out sabotage activities. They had also vented out their anger regarding the hijab crisis in Karnataka.

The police tracked the roots of Akthar Hussain Lashkar to Telitikar village in Assam. He had changed his house four times in Bengaluru as a precaution to escape vigilance of the authorities. The accused also shared information about sensitive and commercial places of Bengaluru to terrorist organizations of Jammu and Kashmir.

The terror suspect had put up a photo of Hindu Saint Swami Vivekananda in his residence. The police have recovered books on jihad and executions. The police have sent his three mobiles to FSL to retrieve more data.

The authorities seized 15 pages of conversation with Al-Qaeda from chats. He was all set to move to Afghanistan to join the Al-Qaeda terror outfit and get trained.



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