The Hindu community behaves like frogs: RSS leader

Patna: Rajesh Srivastava, the RSS intellectual cell president of the West Bengal unit, compared Hindu community with frogs and said it can be extremely difficult to evaluate them on one scale (weighing machine).

This remark was made by him during a virtual discussion organized by the election cell of the Bihar unit of BJP under the chairmanship of Radhika Raman on Sunday. The theme of the discussion was violence and democratic threat that arose after the West Bengal election.

“The Hindu community behaves like a frog and its evaluation on one weighing machine is extremely difficult,” Srivastava said while quoting this statement made by former RSS chief late Keshav Baliram Hedgewar.

“Mamata Banerjee and some extremists have united the Muslim community and is doing conspiracy to separate chicken from the neck. We have to foil their conspiracy,” Srivastava said.

Devesh Kumar, the BJP MLC and general secretary of Bihar said: “We have not come in power in West Bengal this year but we will come in power after 5 years.”

“Our performance is satisfactory as we reached from 3 to 77 seats in West Bengal which was not easy,” Kumar said.

“We managed to achieve 49 per cent vote share of OBC, 52 per cent of SC and 46 per cent of ST,” Kumar said.

Kumar admits that Mamata Benerjee’s schemes for the poor and especially women had had an impact on the election results. The post poll violence in West Bengal was state sponsored. The time has now come for retaliation in a similar manner. Kumar used tit for tat words to express himself against the Mamata Benerjee government.

Dr Poonam Sharma, another BJP leader said: “West Bengal has a woman chief minister, yet violence on huge scale occurred against women after the assembly elections.”


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