The ‘mystery’ with Punjab Kings’ Ravi Bishnoi – the perpendicular angle!

New Delhi: India has been famous for its batsmen as well as spin bowlers in the cricketing world. However, recently a fear crept in about the future generation of spinners after the likes of R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal among others entered the wrong side of 30. But after watching the recent IPL matches, this worry seems to have faded away.

A set of young bowlers Rahul Chahar, Varun Chakravarthy, Harpreet Brar, Shahbaz Ahmed have given a glimpse into the future of modern-day spin bowling. But a name has often eluded observations of many cricket experts, making him a dark horse!

He is Ravi Bishnoi. Coming from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Bishnoi is a leg-spinner who entered IPL after making headlines in Under-19 cricket. Playing only his second season, Bishnoi proved that he has an ability to carry forward the future for India’s spin.

Why is Bishnoi different from the other wrist spinners?

Not many know but the 21-year-old young man was a fast bowler in his early days. However, due to his slim physique, the coach asked him to try his hand in spin bowling. And that is why there is a glimpse of fast bowling in his style. His long bowling run-up is similar to that of a fast bowler. Even in the action, he releases the ball fast in the air.

That’s the reason that the batsmen do not get much time to understand it and react. Compared to an average leg spinner, Bishnoi’s hand remains straight while releasing the ball. The ‘mystery’ with Bishnoi is not so much about the mix of leg-breaks and googlies but the perpendicular angle of release. It is somewhat similar to Afghanistan’s leg-spinner Rashid Khan.

With his uniquely built action, which doesn’t always allow him to bowl the conventional leg-spin that goes away from the right-hander, Bishnoi depends largely on googlies and brings most balls into the righties.

Googly gets the edge because of action!

At first glance, Bishnoi’s action traditionally looks quite messy. While throwing the ball, his body and head fall to the left which should remain straight. But due to this action, the googly becomes his biggest strength as it allows the ball to turn quickly. His action gives rapid rise to the ball in the air and by the time the batsman goes on the back foot to play the googly, the ball either dislodge the stumps, or hits the pads. He uses the leg-break less but he uses it as a weapon. Experts say that if Bishnoi masters the leg break, then his magic will increase.

His stats so far in IPL

Bishnoi has played 21 matches for Punjab Kings in IPL so far. In this, he has 23 wickets to his name. He takes a wicket after every 20th ball and spends around 21 runs for a wicket. His economy is also amazing and he has spent 6.89 runs per over in IPL. The best part is that this 21-year-old bowler improves himself rapidly. Looking at the statistics, it is known that in IPL 2020, he played 14 matches and took 12 wickets.

Then his average was above 31 and the economy was also 7.37. Now if we talk about IPL 2021, then his figures have completely changed. This season he has played seven matches and taken 11 wickets. In this season, his average has been 14.71, then the economy has also become six. That is, compared to the last season, now they spend only 14.72 runs for one wicket. Also, take wickets on every 15th ball.


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