The wait continues for Odisha twins Jaga-Kalia

Bhubaneswar: The wait for return of the conjoined twins, Jaga and Kalia, who underwent complicated surgeries at AIIMS-Delhi for separation of their heads, to their home in Odisha continues to lengthen. The twins are supposed to be back in Odisha during Lord Jagannath’s Rath Jatra or by mid July, as per an official.

The doctors of have already declared the twins are “clinically well” and do not need ICU or specialised care.

In the last week of June, a top official of the Odisha government who is monitoring the health condition of the twins, had told the media that AIIMS officials will soon issue a medical advisory regarding shifting the children to Bhubaneswar. But, after more than twenty days, nothing has been done in this regard.

Now, the parents of the kids – Bhuyan Kanhar and Pushpanjali Kanhar – are spending sleepless nights in the hospital waiting to get back to their home since they haven’t met their elderly parents and two other kids for over two years.

When asked whether from anyone from Odisha government or AIIMS-Delhi spoke to them regarding discharge of their children, both Bhuyam and his wife said “a madam from Odisha government was only enquiring about the health condition of Jaga and Kalia but she didn’t say the exact date for discharge.”

Speaking to Odisha Sun Times from Room No- 6010, C.N. Tower at AIIMS-Delhi, Bhuyan Kanhar said he will be happy if the Odisha government now make arrangements to shift Jaga-Kalia from Delhi to Odisha as the condition of his children has improved a lot.

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“It’s been more than two years I haven’t seen my elderly parents and two of my children at home. I don’t know how they are living lives as we earn our livelihood through daily wages. Now, I want to return to Odisha,” appealed a helpless Bhuyan.

He also shares his worries and apprehension while dealing with officials and doctors. “As the government has done a lot for us and is still doing, therefore, we shouldn’t want to do anything forcefully,” Bhuyan, a daily wager, continues. “We will wait”.

Jaga is gaining weight and developing well like any normal children and is ready to go to school.

Kalia is accepting feeds orally and via special tube (PEG). He too is doing well.

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The conjoined twins from Milipada village of Kandhamal district were taken to AIIMS-Delhi in July 2017. The first phase of the surgery on the twins was performed a team of 40 doctors including experts from Japan on August 28 when doctors created a venous bypass to separate the veins that return blood to the heart from the brain.

The final separation of the twins was performed by a team of around 30 specialists of the AIIMS’ neurosurgery, neuro-anaesthesia and plastic surgery departments on October 25.

The Odisha government had then grabbed national headlines for bearing the cost the rare surgery and after care of now separated conjoined twins Jaga and Kalia.

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